Website For A Dictionary

A website for a dictionary is an online tool that allows users to search for various definitions and words in one place. Some websites also provide additional features like a thesaurus, a translator tool, and even a phrase of the day feature to help people learn English words. The best dictionaries have various features that can be used by a wide variety of users. They are designed to be fun for children.

The Free Dictionary offers a variety of options, such as a voice pronunciations feature and an intransitive Verbs Translator. It also includes a extensive list of synonyms and anaonyms, and lets you save searches as favorites with its Power Thesaurus service. The site has a basic design, but it is worth a look.

Another online dictionary that has plenty of choices is the Macmillan Dictionary. This dictionary has synonyms, analogues, as well as examples of colloquial use. It focuses on 7,500 words that are most commonly used in English. You can also submit new words and phrases for its crowdsourced Open Dictionary. It’s not as extensive in terms of phrases and idioms as other dictionaries do, however.

Visuwords, a visual online dictionary, draws diagrams that demonstrate the relation between words. This is a unique option that can be extremely helpful in understanding complex English words.