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Privacy of Personal Information

Taking the privacy of its users seriously, TRB Bikes does not collect any personal information from its users without their consent. Any personal information collected by TRB Bikes’ website is not distributed, sold, or rented. The same applies to personal data (email addresses, postal addresses, etc.) sent to the website’s email addresses, as well as contact information. Users of TRB Bikes’ site are not sent unsolicited emails, and any information they provide in registration forms, such as a product review or complaint form, is protected by security features.

Policy on Cookies

Using website tracking technologies, TRB Bikes may collect information about your activities, interactions, preferences, transactions, and other computer and connection information (such as an IP (Internet Protocol) address) when you use our websites.  Our website may also use log files, cookies, and other technologies to collect information about pages you view, links you click, and other actions you take while interacting with our website. We will explain and inform you prior along with the reason if TRB Bikes collects any other personal data from you.

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TRB Bikes’ Instagram/LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter page/account does not represent a binding commitment or endorsement of its views. The views expressed on this page by other users, followers, and 3rd parties are the opinions of those individuals and the Company does not take responsibility for such views. Views, recommendations, and tips on the page are free of charge, based on general experience, and need not explicitly meet the requirements of any person or visitor. Views expressed are general in nature and are free of charge. Regulations and laws of the Republic of India apply to the Company and its operations, including the contents of the site. In addition to the above, the conditions of use of Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter continue to apply. Software, programming codes, media posted to the Page, promotional communications, etc. are all protected by applicable proprietary laws such as copyright law, trademark law, patent law, and antitrust law. Any change or modification of the applicable terms and conditions is at the sole discretion of the Company without prior notice. ‘Instagram’/’LinkedIn’/’Facebook’/’Twitter’ don’t endorse, sponsor, administer, or control this page. In addition, the Company reserves the right to use the information received from users or other third parties on the page for its own purposes including but not limited to brand communication and product development. The Company will not sell, exchange, transfer, or give any personal information shared on its public or private pages to any other Company, but the Company may refer to and use the information for its own purposes. Upon disclosure, the Company is presumed to have accepted a voluntary right to use such information for its own purposes. Any third party who enters submits, or accesses personal information shall be protected by appropriate security measures. The company can take all disclosures & measures required/necessitated by law, for the protection of users’ rights, and property, or for safety purposes without informing or informing any third party. Page, page code, and all other copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names, and all other intellectual property or material or property rights herein belong to the Company and are protected by applicable local, national, and international laws regarding intellectual property. Users or anyone else (however they may be identified) are not allowed to make any use of such proprietary content without prior written permission from the Company in any manner. Dispute Resolution The Company is not liable for indirect, special, exemplary, or consequential damages in any circumstance, including, but not limited to, negligence, arising from the use of, or the inability to use, any information, materials on the page, the content of the page, page code, user services, or software. While the Company takes reasonable precautions against any security breaches, no website is completely secure, and as such, the Company shall not be liable for any consequential damages that may result from any such hacking, unauthorized access, data loss, etc. Disputes, if any, shall only be brought before the courts of Ludhiana, India. By accessing the Company’s website, users, persons and third parties agree and undertake to act responsibly and not cause the Company any harm, loss, or damage. Upon having suffered any loss, damage, or harm, the company shall have the right to identify the offender(s) and to seek full indemnity and compensation for all losses, claims, demands, damages, expenses, costs, charges (including legal fees and charges) or prejudice which may have been caused due to misuse of the company’s page and its consequent impact upon the company. During any contest or promotion, the decision of the Company and the terms and conditions of the specific contest or promotion shall be binding on all participants.  In this regard, the Company will not entertain any grievance or concern and its decision (as determined in accordance with applicable terms and conditions) shall be final and binding. By accepting or participating in the contest, promotions, or other features on the page you grant the Company permission to use your name, relevant details, photographs, and/or likeness for marketing and/or publicity purposes, without any compensation or notice. Users or third parties who are suspected of any illegal acts, such as hacking, etc, will be dealt with immediately by the Company according to the company’s guidelines. The Company does not any warranties of any kind whatsoever whether express or implied, on this page with regards to the meeting of the 3rd party requirements or aspirations, security, timeliness, etc. in respect of any product, benefits, or awards, emoluments, services, obtained through the page or any transactions effected through the page.