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Computer technology news articles feature breakthrough research in areas like Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Graphene. Explore the latest advancements in computer technology from MIT, Cal Tech, Yale and other renowned institutions.

Self-Correcting Quantum Computers Nearer to Reality

Quantum computers promise to reach speeds and efficiency that are higher than even the fastest supercomputers. The technology hasn’t experienced much commercialization or scaling up due to its difficulty in error correction. Scientists have come up with a method to address this issue.

In an increasingly digital world and with the advent of technology, lag is an issue. The interruptions caused by lag can be frustrating for everyone, whether an avid video gamer battling against opponents in a virtual battle, or a person working with colleagues across does avast vpn work with netflix the globe. But researchers at MIT and Stanford have devised a new method to cut down on the lag and increase productivity.

AI detects hidden patterns in Nature

Researchers are using data from thousands of bird sightings in order to uncover hidden patterns in ecological communities. This research could be the first step in creating an artificial intelligence that can predict the possibility of habitat loss as well as other environmental problems. This technology will allow scientists to better understand the role played by biodiversity in maintaining ecosystems. This is an important aspect of the effort to protect the planet from climate change and loss of biodiversity. The findings could lead to the development of more sustainable land use methods that reduce the need for agriculture and the need for logging.