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UpTrader provides through its licensed partners a full range of legal services both as a standalone package and as part of the White Label MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 offers. As сrурtо assets continue to produce substantially higher returns than traditional markets, сrурtо businesses present real revenue-generating opportunities. The solution is completely customisаble, making it an ideal, quick and cost-effective way for setting up a сrурtосurrеnсу ехсhаnge. This module is used to centralise a client’s information and group all trading accounts of a client. A community for discussing the application of Web 2.0 technologies to financial services.

forex crm software

XCritical’s Forex CRM software is available at reasonable rates and provides all necessary features in one place. Your sales and customer support departments will get to a whole new level, speeding up processes and helping traders with their needs. Besides, your client data will be stored without duplicates and errors. When a newer broker is ready to enter the market, expenses are of much account. Beginner brokerage companies want to cut expenses as much as possible, and some business owners save on effective CRM solutions, understanding this system as something that doesn’t matter much. In fact, a well-developed system makes your business cost-effective, cutting expenses essentially.

Forex CRM. How to find the Best Solution for FX brokerage management

Also, many Forex CRM providers offer a mobile version of their CRM software to give clients access to all the features in a portable and convenient format. A Forex CRM system will usually be able to integrate third-party tools, such as payment systems for sending and receiving payments, SMS notification software, and more. The ability to link several trading platforms and the connection of KYC providers to streamline user identity verification and enhance overall security are also advantages of Forex CRM.

forex crm software

CRM has an ERP system, which fully supports marketing, compliance, sales, dealing, and business process management. The product facilitates interaction between different units of the company, increasing the manageability and productivity of the broker. Best-in-class XCritical CRM is designed explicitly for the brokerage segment. It enables sales and retention teams to drive more revenue via numerous built-in features based on our 15+ years of brokerage business expertise.

Multi-level IB Program

If you utilize Pentview software, for example, you’ll obtain comprehensive reports on every single client. So you’ll always know what you can offer your customers and how you can improve their trade experience in the long run. AltimaCRM allows your business to simplify multi-tier and multi-campaign measurement of IBs. This ingrained process allows you to streamline IB recruitment, bringing even more people into your partner program.

forex crm software

Automated chatbots are a perfect decision for brokerage businesses. This software is responsible for processing traders’ requests and transferring them to chatbots or human support managers. As such, users access the high-end 24/7 customer support, getting their troubles and headaches removed instantly. Effective sales are still the key objective of the system, and the importance of this goal skyrockets in the FX market. Brokerage companies are fighting for new clients, and a high-end solution makes it possible to predict which features match a customer’s expectations. Brokers apply a set of methods to welcome new clients on their platforms, and the specially designed software classifies leads by different principles and identifies marketing options that are the most effective.

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There are lots of exciting social trading solutions to help your clients start earning money. Just let your clients choose strategies and get profit easily by copying orders. Easily control deposits and withdrawals, KYC procedures, and launch your marketing activities.

Select the best package among Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise options and get a customized WL CRM solution that is ready to drive your
business to new highs. Having the freedom to tailor your Forex CRM to match your individual needs means that you can provide exceptional service to every client while also feeling at peace with the software you are using. Scale your brokerage and unlock the true potential of your business with AltimaCRM’s unbeatable forex CRM system.

What is CRM in Forex Market?

Processing leads and passing them quickly to your sales reps increases conversion rates. Our FX CRM supports your growth at every crucial milestone in building your business and growing it. Build custom HTML email templates and autoresponders to send out on predetermined user actions or audience attributes. Wait for our official invoice from the official account department email id which is [email protected] and then do the payment. Currently, we already have 5 languages integrated apart from English, if you need any other languages to be integrated, we will get it done for you with no extra cost, provided you give us the translation. API – integration with the data passed from server to server and the front-end being on the B2Core side.

  • As a win-win brokerage technology, using a forex CRM system is the one change that could take your business to the next level.
  • Our easy-to-use MT5 white label solution allows introducing brokers to start their forex broker venture within a split second.
  • Register new users directly through your own website using API hooks and create your own custom fields so you can track business-specific details unique to your brokerage.
  • Meanwhile, when your business grows, all the additional income sources are activated.
  • Build custom HTML email templates and autoresponders to send out on predetermined user actions or audience attributes.
  • However, selecting the right CRM software is not always easy since various factors must be considered.