Welcome to TRB Bikes

We are happy that you are here at TRB Bikes. Our primary objective is to reach maximum people engaging in bicycles that are functional, eco friendly, awesome to ride, and offer great adventure! From full-suspension bikes to long lasting city commuters to city- bicycles, these are all the things that we love.

There are so many vendors who reach out to us day in and day out and inquire what our product is all about. To respond to all those questions, we decided to come up with a brief introduction about us. We’re a customer-friendly, service oriented organization, expert in dealing with all kinds of your biking needs. We simply present our very best to make sure that our products are reliable, trustworthy and customer friendly. Our full faith is in delivering to not just the experienced cyclists for their skills update but also to people enthusiast about cycling but are yet to start.

We took into consideration each one of the end customers and came up with multiple varieties of bicycles.

We take pride in supplying bicycles and accessories that make riding truly enjoyable irrespective of which of our products you ride and no matter what you ride or where it will lead you.

At TRB Bikes we sell what we ourselves intend to ride. In case we are not happy ourselves, then it is definitely not good for you as well! So, sticking to our commitment, we provide you with the best possible value for your purchase and we take pride in saying that we will be offering the best possible quality of bicycle for riding. Our company specializes in customized bicycle fitting, customized bicycle builds, in-built wheels, and much more. Explore now and discover more!

Most importantly, we love India, and we love bicycles and we are proud of the job we do. We would like to see India continue to flourish as a bicycle-obsessed country and develop as being the next great cycling city.


Tracing the history of TRB reinstates a few of the most remarkable years of the company’s formulation. To begin with, 1962 marked the inception of its founder’s first dream project, the Bicycle business. With the vision to establish an internationally recognized organization, Lt. Sri Ved Parkash Aggarwal began the company with the manufacturing of bicycle and auto parts. Over the years of consistent hard work and strong vision, his efforts transformed into a fruitful business group that we now know as the TRB GROUP. The company just does not represent a business group, it is a family that has come together and established over 13 brands worldwide.

Founder’s Message

A journey of success consistently requires the values of vision, strategy & innovation. Our commitment, hard work, unmatched quality, and excellent services have aided TRB Group to be at par with the global organizations. The TRB group has been progressing towards heights with your trust and confidence. It is due to your confidence in our abilities that we excel in providing the best services to you worldwide.

We today enjoy higher consumer loyalty globally than ever before. It is much because of the strong participation, support, and direction from you, our esteemed clients.

Moreover, our constant efforts have resulted in serving our customers with higher quality items and products.

Our business approach is to stand true to your expectations and aspirations. Thank you for choosing us!

Awards & Recognition

  1. Got recognition from the government of India as they presented us with an ‘Export Excellence Award’.
  2. Achieved the title of ‘A government of India recognized Star Export House’.